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Discovering Spinning Babies®

Discussion designed to focus on Spinning Babies® techniques that “Explore activities with anatomy and physiology in a way that allows baby to release rather than “be delivered” by mechanical manipulation or force.”

We will explore positions that support your baby and address discomfort through pregnancy, and each stage of labor. Ultimately making delivery easier, less painful, avoiding injuries and a quicker birth.

Supplying you with tools and positioning during each stage of labor as well preparing for birth. 

This class is not only important only for the laboring person, but the partner as well. Recommended taking this class at any time during pregnancy. 


Expectant Couple
Doula Support without the Doula

Lets chat and I'll share with you and your birth support person the tools and techniques I have frequently used over the years while supporting pregnancy and birth.


Feel comfortable in your birth setting, know how to ask the open ended questions that will give you a view into your progress and understand what it all really means. 

We will cover Spinning Babies, preparing emotionally and physically, going over what to bring to my birth, early signs of labor, stages and the positions that are optimal for a quicker more efficient birth.

This class will also include tips on breastfeeding, how to prepare and approach this new chapter as a parent.

This 2-3 hr class is taught in the comfort of your home.

Great for a refresher or parents with limited time. 

Young Couple Expecting
Tools for the Partner

Demystifying the roll of the partner. Entering the support role with confidence and information. Learning voice relaxation, guiding your partner in a place of strength and power. Knowing how best to work with the hospital staff. How to remain grounded for both you and the birthing person. Gathering tools for a life time that can translate into many situations as a parent. 

A 90min class taught in my office

 Art of the Belly Jiggle

Positions and flow:

A shawl can be used for comfort and to help labor progress simply by doing a gentle belly jiggle. The purpose is to relax the muscles on a deeper level unlocking the fascia and tendons.

From Belly sifting to Belly Binding the shawl might be the magic you're looking for to help support your body and soul.

Lets begin with wrapping your belly while pregnant, giving that lift taking pressure off the lower back, bladder and over all feeling more secure in your body.  Learn how to flow from one position to the next, unwinding the tension. Great options for your labor support person to be more involved in guiding your body during labor.  In the fourth trimester learn how to use the shawl to support your pelvis as you heal.

This is a 60min class taught in my office. 

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