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  • Working with a Partner( or when there is no partner )
    My job is to create an atmosphere where both you and your partner feel comfortable to labor and welcome your baby with confidence, and that you were given all the information and choices possible . Your partner knows you best, they take the lead and I support them, gently guiding them, giving them tools of support, not just with birth but postpartum care as well. At the end of the day we want your partner to be the hero and feel helpful! If no partner, no fear, I can step into this roll and we will work together finding a rhythm for you, customizing needs as we develop a relationship geared for your personal journey.
  • Does a Doula Replace a Nursing Staff?
    Never! We are your birthing team, their roll is much different than mine, we both support you. My roll is non medical, I keep the room calm and grounded, reminding you of your birth wishes. When shifts change I stay, I'm working for you. Non-judgemental support.
  • How do you work with complications at birth?
    A few of my favorite questions to ask in an uncertain situation are- "Can you please explain this to us in a different way?" "Is the mother and baby safe?" "Could you give us five minutes please?" "What are all of my options?". I may know the answer to the events taking place, but it would be helpful to slow down the room and for you to hear all the options from the staff. Becoming empowered in the decision making for you and your baby.
  • Do you have back-up?
    I never work without a back up Doula, life is too unpredictable. In 20+ yrs I have not missed a birth, but why take that chance? This can be provided or you can choose, you will also have the opportunity to meet them if needed.
  • What's in your Doula bag?
    Unscented Massage Oil Aromatherapies Massage Tools Ten's Unit Naturopathics Hot/Cold Pack Rebozo Bluetooth Speaker (music) Tea Lights Honey Sticks Electrolyte Tablets Instant Miso Soup Bone Broth (when available) Other items of comfort
  • Who have you worked with?
    All About Women Northern light Mercy Midwives Coastal Women Gynecologic Oncology Main Medical Center MidCoast Dr.Ann Rainville Dr.Robert Sansonetti Dr. Mike Dowling, Pediatric Dentistry Dr. David Keller, D.O *Home Birth Sacopee Midwives Northern Sun The list goes on...... As well as hospitals in MA,NH.
  • Will my hospital allow Doula support during COVID?
    Call and ask me to see if your hospital will allow Doula support and what has changed for birth during COVID
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