Doula Services

Mother and Baby
Doula Support

Once our journey begins I am committed to your health and the well-being of you, your partner and your growing family with private classes unique to your pregnancy, we will address the specific questions and needs you will have. I will be on-call 2 weeks before your EDD 24/7. 


During our 2 prenatal visits we will discuss and fine tune a clear vision for what you can expect moving forward. Including preparing for Breastfeeding, the Postpartum journey and what our visits will look like. 


We will work together, you and your partner on Spinning Babies® stretches preparing the ligaments soft tissue and muscles for labor and birth. Not only will we prepare physically, but find out what birth might look like emotionally, going over each stage of labor, signs of labor, early in home labor support, knowing when to leave for the hospital, how to use your intuition, scenarios that may occur, tools we will use, things to pack, food to bring, preparing partner, and peeking into my Doula bag. I will be providing a back-up doula. 


Once you deliver your baby, we will honor the golden 2 hrs of bonding with “skin to skin” or what we have discussed in your "birth wishes". 


I remain on-call for another 2 weeks postpartum 24/7, our first Postpartum visit will be on day 4 or 5. During this time focus will be your healing, baby's needs, and helping your partner support you with confidence. 


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In Person Birth Support & How it Works
Prenatal Visits

Our 2 prenatal visits happen on your schedule. We will meet in your home or by Zoom creating a birth journey custom designed for you and your babies needs. I will work with you on Spinning Babies stretches preparing the ligaments soft tissue and muscles for birth. Not only will we prepare physically, but find out what birth might look like, going over each stage of labor, knowing where and when to arrive to the hospital, scenarios that may occur, tools we will use, things to pack, food to bring, and taking a peek into my Doula bag. Preparing the partner, setting them up with comfort tools, positions and suggestions for labor and beyond, support with breastfeeding , navigating the first few days when hormones are changing. 

(Taking a birth class is not required, each individual has their own way to prepare for birth.)

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Postpartum Support

Visiting with you at your home in the first week, day 4 or 5 when milk comes in and hormones tend to fluctuate is an ideal time for me to see you, it can be a time of many questions and emotion.

If breastfeeding is a goal we will navigating techniques, set up a nursing stations, discuss nutrition, a plan for self-care, how the partner can help, sleep goals, infant massage and any situations unique to you. Then we have a second visit once visitors have subsided or when you’re ready, whatever comes first. At this time we focus on goals you might have, recap birth, understand the 4th trimester. I remain on call for two weeks post-delivery 24/7.

(Overnight care and to continue with postpartum care is available upon request at an hourly rate after the initial 2 visits have been made.)

Virtual Services  
Necessary or Requested  



On line(Zoom), by text and phone we will be in constant communication with the same plan as if we were in person, learning the same content, and adding an additional meeting prenatally and postpartum if needed. Once labor starts I will join you and your partner at your home for early labor and support, staying in touch with your provider and giving you the chance to stay in the comfort of your home before making the transition to your hospital. When safely in the hospital we can return to virtual support, until I am no longer needed. 

Once you head home we will start Postpartum support with a virtual check in to make sure your home safe. Our postpartum meetings will be on the same time frame as in person. Available 24/7 for questions up to 2 weeks postpartum.



All the prenatal and postpartum support as option A. but I remain remote. Constant communication at home for early labor, support in transit to where you are birthing, including support at the hospital right up to delivery, and including the two golden hours of bonding following.

Your postpartum support will reflect in the person model, with support 24/7 up to two weeks postpartum.


I’m happy to make custom adjustments with my doula support to fit your needs both prenatally and postpartum, contact me to discuss further options.