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Doula Services

Doula Support
Mother and Baby

Once our journey begins I am committed to your health and the well-being of you,  your baby and partner. I provide private birth classes in your home during our prenatal visits, all with focus unique to your pregnancy. We will have a total of 4 in home visits, I will be on-call 2 weeks before your EDD 24/7 as well as 2 weeks after you deliver.  My availability to you is as needed by email, text, or phone.


During our 2 prenatal visits we will discuss and fine tune a clear vision for what you can expect moving forward. Including preparing for Breastfeeding, and the Postpartum journey.


We will work together, on Spinning Babies® stretches preparing the ligaments soft tissue and muscles for labor and birth. Not only will we prepare physically, but find out what birth might look like emotionally, going over each stage of labor, signs of labor, early in home labor support, knowing when to leave for the hospital, how to use your intuition, scenarios that may occur, tools we will use, things to pack, food to bring, preparing partner, and peeking into my Doula bag. I also will be providing a back-up doula so we are prepared for anything . (I have never missed a birth yet, knocking on wood)


Once you deliver your baby, together we will honor the golden 2 hrs of bonding with “skin to skin” or what we have discussed in your "birth wishes". 


I remain on-call for another 2 weeks postpartum 24/7, our first Postpartum visit will be on day 4 or 5. During this time focus will be your healing, baby's needs, and helping your partner support you with confidence. 


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Private birthing classes in your home

 Birthing classes custom designed to your unique approach to birth in the comfort of your own home. Learn to navigate birth techniques together, discover how maternal positioning will help baby find favorable positions for a quicker safer delivery. Understand your options for a natural birth or dive deep into understanding your full spectrum of options when you need relief. We will also recognize the 4th trimester and what to expect with your transformation into motherhood and the shifting hormones as milk comes in. Prepare your body and mind, feel confident on your journey.

 Rebecca is a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner who studied in CA under the founder Gail Tully.  Class runs approximately for 3hrs. 

"As a doula my goal is to see your partner be the hero in the birth room"

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