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Massage Treatments

Prenatal or Postpartum Massage

During our Prenatal session we will work on balance and relieving discomfort by softening the surrounding tissue, and ligaments in your pelvis and surrounding area. This allows your baby to find more room and the optimal position for a quicker birth and better all over comfort during pregnancy and labor.

 Some of the issues we can address are Pubic Symphysis, Sciatica, Thoracic Outlet, lower back pain, Heartburn, anxiety, stress and sleep.

 Be prepared for a 90+min session. Rebecca uses ayurvedic essential unscented oil, and a specifically designed prenatal pillow that will allow you to safely lay face down. We will go over stretches you can do at home that will continue to support the work we do during your session.


After birth in a Postpartum session we will work on bringing back balance in the body allowing for quicker recovery. Addressing the lactic acid build up form labor, ligaments, muscles and any soreness from birth and breastfeeding. Troubleshooting lingering effects and working on better body mechanics as you navigate your new role.

All treatments are designed for your specific needs.

Gift Certificates Available

Acupressure Neck Massage
Integrative Massage
Please note I am currently not taking any male patients 

Choice of a 60min, 90min sessions with a blend of techniques. Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping, Neuromuscular work as well as Restorative Gentle Therapeutic Work . The session is a tailored treatment that will support you in connecting with your body's wisdom, and increasing the ability to come full circle back into homeostasis. We can discuss stretches and tools to use at home to empower self care.

Gift Certificates Available

Spinning Babies 

Treatment designed to address babies position and or maternal discomfort. This is for you if you have discomfort during pregnancy or have found your baby to be breech.

Session consists of assessing tight ligaments and muscles surrounding the uterus and pelvis.  I will equip you with a protocol to continue at home. The goal of the session is to give your baby the best position possible for a fast delivery as well as relive any discomfort and give baby a chance to move head down. You will also be given stretches and positions to work on each day.  Session is 90 min.

Gift certificates available 

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