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Massage Treatments

Prenatal or Postpartum Massage

During our Prenatal session we will work on balance and relieving discomfort by softening the surrounding tissue, and ligaments in your pelvis and surrounding area. This allows your baby to find more room and the optimal position for a quicker birth and better all over comfort during pregnancy and labor.

 Some of the issues we can address are Pubic Symphysis, Sciatica, Thoracic Outlet, lower back pain, Heartburn, anxiety, stress and sleep.

 Be prepared for a 90+min session. Rebecca uses ayurvedic essential unscented oil, and a specifically designed prenatal pillow that will allow you to safely lay face down. We will go over stretches you can do at home that will continue to support the work we do during your session.


After birth in a Postpartum session we will work on bringing back balance in the body allowing for quicker recovery. Addressing the lactic acid build up form labor, ligaments, muscles and any soreness from birth and breastfeeding. Troubleshooting lingering effects and working on better body mechanics as you navigate your new role.

All treatments are designed for your specific needs.

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Acupressure Neck Massage
Integrative Massage

Choice of a 60min, 90min and 120min session with a blend of techniques. Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping, Neuromuscular work as well as Restorative Gentle Therapeutic Work . The session is a tailored treatment that will support you in connecting with your body's wisdom, and increasing the ability to come full circle back into homeostasis. We can discuss stretches and tools to use at home to empower self care.

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When Our Body is Changing...

Menopause brings about a physiology change, a flood of emotions and the sense of something is very off.  These feelings may be extremely trying on your health, mind, body and soul.

Stresses can contribute to a myriad of health problems including cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, psychiatric diagnoses (depression, anxiety, panic disorders, etc.). 

Massage can address all these symptoms, and will help you to see through the fog, allowing you to focus on your health so you can continue to enjoy life with a better understanding of what is happening. We all walk this path, let's walk it together.



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Running Event or Marathon
Sports Massage

Perfect for the athlete, working towards freeing tight muscles from training, addressing an injury, and supporting a quicker recovery. Along with Deep Tissue, learn how to master the foam roller. Discover stretching/yoga techniques. Traditional Cupping and Scraping used to break through scar tissue. Bringing relief to new and old injuries. Getting back into training with new eyes on how to prevent injuries. Knowing your body better can make you a better athlete.


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Cupping Treatment
Cupping Massage

Tissue is first warmed with effleurage preparing the area for cups which are then placed on muscles that are troubled areas, suction is then created with a pump to stimulate blood flow and release deep stagnation. Dragging the cups stimulate a more comprehensive release by pulling connective tissue disturbing any scaring and tight muscles. Soreness and bruising are a common side effect from this deep work.


Gift Certificates Available

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