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Baby's Grasp

Supporting birth through Pregnancy and Postpartum with
Doula Support,
 Massage and Spinning Babies.

Rebecca Goodwin SpBAP, LMT/Doula

Natural Unmediated Birth, Home or Hospital, High Risk, Medicated Birth, Planned Cesarean, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), IVF, LGBTQ, Surrogate Birth, all birthing people. 

Serving Families in Maine since 2000

About Rebecca


As an active all Inclusive Doula, Rebecca believes that each birthing couple is unique. She respects the diverse needs of birth by supporting unconditionally.  Natural labor, Induction, Cesarean, Surrogacy, High Risk, Home birth and VBAC.

By combining her massage skills, Spinning Babies®  training , and years of birth journeys, she will guide you towards a calm grounded and informed atmosphere where birth can unveil it's path. Birthing how and where you choose, safely. Birth is a balance in discovering the layers and power within, which in turn helps to creates the strong  foundation for family and parenthood.

After the journey of pregnancy and labor support Rebecca continues her doula support with each client navigating the beginning of the 4th trimester, addressing your bodies changes, the joy and challenges.

Gentle guidance towards lactation goals, instruction in infant massage techniques, belly binding/care, and looking at your new role(s) . We will also be working on self care, and goals that are personal to your growth as a new parent. 

Rebecca has attended births at most of the Maine Hospitals and including York Hospital, MA, NH, the Ballard House and home births.

For the past 18 yrs Rebecca had hosted the monthly informational Doula Teas at different locations in Portland Maine featuring professional speakers on all aspects of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and infant care. This service has discontinued for now, once it is safe to be together I hope to resume the Teas'.  

Rebecca is continuing to see patients at her Yarmouth office, she specializes in Prenatal, Postpartum massage and Spinning Babies.

In 2020 she became a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner, further educating herself in the practice of physiology before force, this practice allows baby to move into a  optimal position for a quicker delivery.  As always providing massage as adjunctive health care for the whole family. Rebecca resides in North Yarmouth with her husband and two children. Family, nutrition, running, swimming and Yoga keep her grounded and energized to share in your birth journey.


Gift Certificates available Call for more information 207-318-8272 

Services Offered

Doula Support

Once our journey begins I am committed to your health and the well-being of you, your partner and your growing family...


Connecting to your changing body in all stages of life. Honoring the birthing body.



Rebecca assisted my husband and me during the delivery of our first child at Maine Medical Center, and I cannot imagine those long and painful hours without her experience and knowledge. I wanted a natural birth and Rebecca was supportive of this desire. She offered a lot of positive advice and she made me consider pain in a way I’ve never done before. Even though I didn’t know Rebecca well, her warm and caring personality made the most intimate moments feel natural. Her familiarity with the Birthing Center made every stage of labor and delivery much easier on me and my husband. She knew where to get fresh water, warm blankets, coffee, etc. I’m sure if we’d asked, the nurses would have provided everything, but the beauty of having Rebecca around was that she anticipated our needs and was of great support not only to me, but also to my husband. Her knowledge of techniques for pain relief and her guidance allowed me and my husband to just focus on myself and the baby, without the stress of remembering all the information gathered during pregnancy. Rebecca created a warm atmosphere in our room at the Birthing Center, with soft light and the use of aromatic oils which she massaged on my lower back to help ease the pain. She’s also an incredibly strong woman, an aspect that turned out to be extremely helpful during the final stages of delivery and after many exhausting hours of pushing. Rebecca is also knowledgeable about lactation and was there to assist me with baby’s first suckles. To sum up my experience, it’s true that Nature provides us with instinct and there is valuable information on the internet, in addition to classes. I also recognize the amazing staff at Maine Med. However, there is nothing that compares to having an experienced, knowledgeable and caring person at your side every instant during such an important and vulnerable moment. Rebecca was our champion the entire time. Thank you Rebecca!

- Lydia & Rusty Lamer
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