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 Supporting you with early in home labor support and heading to your hospital when the time is right, as well as offering virtual support during


*Three one hour virtual meetings preparing for birth at your convenience, as well as three one hour postpartum visits navigating the shift into parenthood and lactation.

*Options for multiple virtual shorter visits prenatally while your waiting for the arrival of your baby. Breaking up the isolation of pregnancy and any concerns.

*Continuous support during labor on your device , available every moment as if I was with you.  

*Checking in every 2/3 hours as labor progresses. 

*Setting up you and your partner with all the tools so you can navigate the birthing experience on our own.

        We can build this package together and make it unique to your needs.

Call and ask me to see if your hospital will allow Doula support and what has changed for birth during COVID



and massage treatments

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Creating a package for my virtual  birth


About Rebecca

As an active Doula Rebecca believes that each birthing couple is unique. She respects the diverse needs of birth: Natural labor, Induction, Cesarean and VBAC. By combining her massage skills, years of birth journeys and gentle guidance, she builds with the partner a calm and grounded atmosphere where the couple can safely birth. A perfect balance for a empowered birth.
Rebecca continues her support through postpartum care, including lactation guidance and instruction in infant massage techniques useful into the growing years. Rebecca has attended births at MMC, Mercy, Midcoast Hospital, York Hospital, MA, NH, the Ballardhouse and home births.
For the past 18 years Rebecca had hosted the monthly informational Doula Teas at different locations in Portland Maine featuring professional speakers on all aspects of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and infant care. This service has discontinued. 
As a Massage Therapist, Rebecca has worked throughout the Greater Portland area. Rebecca is able to travel with her massage table to the comfort of clients' homes, or meeting at her Yarmouth office. She specializes in Prenatal, Postpartum, and Infant Massage. Providing massage as adjunctive health care for the whole family. Rebecca resides in North Yarmouth with her husband and children, 21 and 16. Family, nutrition, running, and Yoga keep her grounded and energized to share in birth journeys.
"My goal is to continue to maintain the tradition of women caring for birthing families, helping them to discover the power and beauty of birth.”


After beginning our relationship with a free meet and greet, then hired as your doula I am committed to your health and the wellbeing of your growing family. I'll send you information in a welcome email starting with daily Spinning Babies techniques, information on GBS and other valuable information preparing you for birth.  I will be available for you and your partner whenever needed throughout your pregnancy as well as postpartum. Continuous emotional and physical support, answering any questions you may have by email text or phone. 

Our visits (2) happen on your schedule. We will meet in your home creating a birth journey custom designed for you and your babies needs. I will work with you on Spinning Babies stretches preparing the ligaments soft tissue and muscles for birth. Not only will we prepare physically, but find out what birth might look like, going over each stage of labor, knowing where and when to arrive to the hospital, scenarios that may occur, tools we will use, things to pack, food to bring, and taking a peek into my Doula bag. (Taking a birth class is not required, each individual has their own way to prepare for birth.)


Visiting with you at your home in the first week, day 4 or 5 when milk comes in and hormones tend to fluctuate. If breastfeeding is a goal we will navigating techniques, set up a nursing stations, discuss nutrition, a plan for self care, infant massage and any situations unique to you. Then again once visitors have subsided or your ready for your second visit. I will remain on call for two weeks post delivery. We will meet twice unless you have specific needs that require an additional visits. (Overnight care and to continue with postpartum care is available upon request at an hourly rate after the initial 2 visits have been made.)


     Excited to announce my certification as a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner, a technique designed to create optimal positioning for babies decent and quicker birth!

In person birth Support and how it works


Rebecca assisted my husband and me during the delivery of our first child at Maine Medical Center, and I cannot imagine those long and painful hours without her experience and knowledge. I wanted a natural birth and Rebecca was supportive of this desire. She offered a lot of positive advice and she made me consider pain in a way I’ve never done before. Even though I didn’t know Rebecca well, her warm and caring personality made the most intimate moments feel natural. Her familiarity with the Birthing Center made every stage of labor and delivery much easier on me and my husband. She knew where to get fresh water, warm blankets, coffee, etc. I’m sure if we’d asked, the nurses would have provided everything, but the beauty of having Rebecca around was that she anticipated our needs and was of great support not only to me, but also to my husband. Her knowledge of techniques for pain relief and her guidance allowed me and my husband to just focus on myself and the baby, without the stress of remembering all the information gathered during pregnancy. Rebecca created a warm atmosphere in our room at the Birthing Center, with soft light and the use of aromatic oils which she massaged on my lower back to help ease the pain. She’s also an incredibly strong woman, an aspect that turned out to be extremely helpful during the final stages of delivery and after many exhausting hours of pushing. Rebecca is also knowledgeable about lactation and was there to assist me with baby’s first suckles. To sum up my experience, it’s true that Nature provides us with instinct and there is valuable information on the internet, in addition to classes. I also recognize the amazing staff at Maine Med. However, there is nothing that compares to having an experienced, knowledgeable and caring person at your side every instant during such an important and vulnerable moment. Rebecca was our champion the entire time. Thank you Rebecca!

Posted 1/3/2017

Lydia and Rusty Lamer

I could not recommend Rebecca more highly as a doula. After having a cesarean section with my first son, I was determined to deliver my second son vaginally (VBAC). I hired Rebecca after hearing many positive things about her, and she worked with me on preparation, exercises, and most importantly, my mindset. Rebecca was so attentive before and during the birth of my son. At the hospital, she was so comforting and caring, she felt like a family member. She used oils, breathing techniques, positioning, and massage to help me relax during my labor. More than that, she helped me keep a positive mindset, evaluate pain options when they were presented and continue my willpower for a VBAC. With her support, I was able to deliver my second son vaginally, and I could not have been more proud and happy. I know that hiring her was the single biggest success factor for me, and I'd hire her again in a heartbeat if we still lived in Maine. I'd recommend her to my closest friends that are considering a doula... it's a birth-changing experience!

Posted 12/31/2016

Casey Putschoegl

Rebecca was instrumental in our second birth. Prenatally, she provided us with substantial emotional support, and truly listened to our requests for the birth, and to our experiences with our first birth and our pregnancy journey. She connected with both my husband and with me, and was a constant but unobtrusive presence throughout my labor and delivery, providing exactly what I needed throughout the process, from massage, to food, to giving my husband needed breaks. Post-partum, she connected me with a therapist for post-partum depression, and helped us with much needed overnight postpartum services while we dealt with our daughter's colic. I would highly recommend her, she brings a tremendous amount of experience and compassion to her worksted 12/29/2016

Suzy and Mike Dowling



(or when there is no partner)

My job is to create an atmosphere where both you and your partner feel comfortable to labor and welcome your baby with confidence that you were given all the information and choices possible . Your partner knows you best, they take the lead and I support them, gently guiding them, giving them tools of support, not just with birth but postpartum care as well. At the end of the day we want your partner to be the hero and feel helpful!

If no partner, no fear, I can step into this roll and we will work together finding a rhythm for you, customizing needs as we develop a relationship geared for your personal journey.


Never! We are your birthing team, their roll is much different than mine, we both support you.
My roll is non medical, I keep the room calm and grounded, reminding you of your birth wishes. When shifts change I stay, I'm working for you. Non-judgemental support.


A few of my favorite questions to ask in an uncertain situation are-

"Can you please explain this to us in a different way?"
"Is the mother and baby safe?"
"Could you give us five minutes please?"
"What are all of my options?".
I may know the answer to the events taking place, but it would be helpful to slow down the room and for you to hear all the options from the staff. Becoming empowered in the decision making for you and your baby.


I never work without a back up Doula, life is too unpredictable. In 20+ yrs I have not missed a birth, but why take that chance? This will be provided and you have the opportunity to meet them. 


Unscented Massage Oil
Massage Tools
Ten's Unit
Hot/Cold Pack
Bluetooth Speaker (music)
Tea Lights
Honey Sticks
Electrolyte Tablets
Instant Miso Soup
Bone Broth (when available)
Other items of comfort


All About Women

Northern light Mercy Midwives
Coastal Women
Gynecologic Oncology

Tree of Life
Dr.Ann Rainville
Dr.Robert Sansonetti

*Home Birth

Sacopee Midwives

Northern Sun

The list goes on......
As well as hospitals in


Rebecca has been providing whole wellness through Integrative Massage for the past 18 years. Techniques she uses are based on the clients' individual needs and comfort levels. Rebecca graduated from the New Hampshire Institute For Therapeutic Arts, and continues to update and further her education each year. Becoming a certified Spinning Babies Awear Practitioner has been her latest achement.  


Connecting to your changing body and growing baby, preparing for birth. As a certified  Spinning Babies Practitioner we will create Balance, softening the surrounding tissue for quicker birth and better all over comfort during pregnancy. Addressing issues such as Pubic Symphysis, Sciatica, Thoracic Outlet. Be prepared for a 90+min session, and to come home with stretches you can do in your own home. During Postpartum treatment  we will work on bringing back balance in the body allowing for quicker recovery. All  Treatments are designed for your specific needs.


Choice of a 60min, 90min and 120min session with a blend of techniques. Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping, Neuromuscular work as well as Restorative Gentle Therapeutic Work . The session is a tailored treatment that will support you in connecting with your body's wisdom, and increasing the ability to come full circle back into homeostasis. We can discuss stretches and tools to use at home to empower selfcare. 

  $10 off for anyone recovering from cancer. Great for a Gift Certificate. 


Perfect for the athlete, working towards freeing tight muscles from training, addressing an injury, and supporting a quicker recovery. Along with Deep Tissue, learn how to master the foam roller. Discover stretching/yoga techniques. Traditional Cupping and Scraping used to break through scar tissue. Bringing relief to new and old injuries. Getting back into training with new eyes on how to prevent injuries. Knowing your body better can make you a better athlete.

   60min,90min, 120min.

For pricing, gift certificate and information 

Contact Rebecca at or call 207-318-8272
Please respect the 24hr cancellation policy.


Supporting Women and Families through Pregnancy and Postpartum


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